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Obtain ALL Your Licenses In Less Than A Year And Be Flight Ready To Work With ANY Airline TWICE As Fast As Other Schools…

To See If You’re A Good Fit For The Flex Air Career Pilot Academy:

Flex Air Career Pilot Academy is a one-of-a-kind program. We’ll not only train and teach you everything you need to know but we’ll also help you land a career job in less time than other flight schools!

If you live out-of-state or further than within commutable distance, housing can be provided by our team in the MHK location.

What You Can Expect with Flex Air Career Pilot Academy

Quality Flight Training

Pilot careers can have a huge payoff! For decades to come, pilot salaries will remain higher than ever in aviation history. To get there, your student financing application must be stronger than ever!

World-Class Standard

Our mentors have hands-on experience in the aviation world. Our mentor’s ultimate goal is to ensure Flex Air students are on the path that fits their needs and desires.

Support to Land Jobs, Even After Graduating

Upon graduation, we’ll place you in your first job and guide you into better and bigger jobs. Our alumni services include job search assistance and counseling.

These Are Yout First Steps to A Bright and Fruitful Future!

Every hard-working individual should have access to flight training. 

Flex Air offers flight training, career coaching, and job placement services for aspiring airline pilots. A network of hiring airlines, lenders, and financial technology providers supports our program, which is unique in the aviation industry.

In other flight schools, you’re handed off to a single lender, where only one out of five students receive funding. We personalize our approach and view every student as a potential career partner.

With the help of our career advisors, we can help you create a budget and choose the best financing option in our network. You can count on us every step, from finding great financial aid to finding a great job after graduation.

Our network of lenders will provide you with the best student financing options. Each one does a soft credit check, which will not affect your credit score. If necessary, you can adjust the amount and reapply. 

Learn in confidence with Flex Air Career Pilot Academy!


Flex Air Career Pilot Academy

Launch your aviation career with a combination of academic instruction, simulator lessons, and aircraft training! Our program offers every certification and rating you need to become a professional pilot.

As a pilot, you need more than just the skills to fly safely and confidently. Our training will prepare you to network in the industry and build an impressive resume. 

Why Choose Flex Air Career Pilot Academy?

Charlie Copeland founded Flex Air Aviation on the belief that flight training is more than just how to fly an airplane. It’s about joining a community, becoming a respected professional, and not just a job. 

Since Flex Air’s humble beginnings of one plane and a family loan in 2016, our company has doubled in size yearly. In 2018, Charlie met Paul Wynns and decided to team up to take Flex Air to the next level. We added operations in San Diego, CA, and Amarillo, TX, with the main base in Manhattan, KS. 

As Flex Air leadership, we have yet to lose focus on our belief that every student pilot is an individual. In aviation, every pilot’s work/life goals are unique, so the career paths may also vary. At Flex Air, we measure our success by the career opportunities we create for every student.

We are an aviation company led by minorities and veterans focused on increasing minority representation in every corner of our industry. We seek out industry partners and hiring managers most closely aligned with our core beliefs of equity, inclusion, and diversity. 

We create career opportunities for all students, no matter what their background.

World Class Mentor: Jason DuVernay 

Jason’s career began after graduating from UND but quickly turned dark after an unsuspected layoff during an industry recession. After working on hydroelectric turbines, he got back into the industry by flying corporate, then transitioning to GoJet, where he led the recruiting department and held the position of Assistant Chief. Currently, he is a consultant with Raven Careers and flies for Frontier Airlines on the Airbus A-320.

As a mentor, Jason wants to ensure Flex Air students are on the right path. To do that, he builds upon a wealth of experience, which hasn’t always been pretty.

Quality Training Program

We have trained over 80 veterans for airline careers since opening in 2016. Also, we are the first flight school to be accepted into the DoD SkillBridge program.

We believe that hard-working individuals shouldn’t stop training due to finances. We help aspiring pilots build a budget and choose the best financing network in our network.

The Typical Student’s Journey Through Our World-Class Aviation Training Program

After you click on this button, we’ll take you to a contact page to go over the fine details and better understand how we can serve you.

I’ll book you with our mentor, who walks you through a personalized roadmap to help you fulfill your dream of an aviation career!

What Our Students Have To Say:


“I couldn’t have gotten here without great coaching, and now I’m a mentor to Flex Air students.”

Ryan Davis


“Flex Air was my first job as a flight instructor. Their mentors helped me land my dream job at a major airline.”

– Hanna Fowler


“After being in the US army for almost 23 years, I started flying for a major cargo carrier. I now make double my regional pay, while maximizing my time at home”

– Tim Kirschbaum

Frequently Asked Questions

Flex Air provides an anonymous safety reporting system for all flight instructors and student pilots. Our first goal is safety. Our Safety Management System (SMS) built on airline and military-grade processes and procedures.

We employ a Chief Safety Officer, and Our Chief Safety Officer investigates and reports hazards and incidents, develops and administers our safety programs, and provides assistance to students and instructors in support of the Flex Air Safety System. 

Our program is available to anyone who wants to take to the skies to earn a living. We cater to everyone regardless of skill, experience, or background. Our academy utilizes academic instruction, simulators, and aircraft training to ensure everyone can become a certified pilot!

Yes! We are the only flight school to offer the Department of Defense Skill Bridge Program for veterans with zero flight experience. You can receive full pay and benefits while you train for up to six months.

Our program lasts 9-10 months depending on your skill and experience level. After graduation, you’ll spend 12-18 months building time and experience as a paid flight instructor at Flex Air or one of our partner schools. You’ll land your first airline job in half the time as competing schools.

Yes, and yes! The demand for pilots has never been higher. It’s predicted that the growth rate will skyrocket by 13% between 2020 and 2030. That means that there will be about 15,000 job openings during this decade. 

After graduation, we will pair you with your first career job! After that, our work isn’t done. We will provide job search assistance and counseling services for the longevity of your career!

We want nothing more than your success, and we actively ensure your bright, soaring future!

Pilots can earn a lot of money, making flight school a very cost-effective option for those seeking to achieve high five and 6-figure salaries.

Commercial pilots average $93,300 per year.

Airline pilots and co-pilots average $160,970 annually.

Over the last several decades, people have viewed their careers differently. A vast majority of people view job satisfaction as being more important than exuberant salaries. As they say, “money can’t buy happiness.”

However, that’s precisely why piloting is such a sought-after career choice. Not only will flight school allow you to land a job that will allow you to live comfortably, but it’s also rewarding in other ways.

There’s nothing like taking to the skies on your first solo flight, safely landing for the first time, or venturing out to a new destination! While challenging, becoming a pilot is all about overcoming obstacles and hurdles. Speaking from experience, there’s no other job quite like this opportunity.

If you want to earn 5-6-figures and have a rewarding career, becoming a pilot will get you to where you want to be. 

Are You Ready To Watch Your Aviation Career Take Off And Become A Certified Pilot TWICE As Fast As Other Flight Schools?

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