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The Airline Pilot Shortage Isn’t Going Away

The airline industry and its #career paths are very cyclical. When I left military service in 2006, airline pilot job openings were few and far between. That situation has changed dramatically, especially since 2010. Hiring practices at airlines historically cycle between boom and bust. In fact, you might hear lots of press about the

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Flex Air Initiative to Increase Access to Flight Training

Flex Air has launched Via Careers, the first flight training program to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs) as an alternative to student loans. We believe the air transportation industry is in a period of unprecedented growth and opportunity. We think all skilled and dedicated student pilots should have access to that industry,

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American Governments to Support Airlines

Picture/Aerolatin news Commercial aviation association IATA has strengthened its calls for Latin American governments to assist their respective airline industries in order to help them survive the Coronavirus crisis that has brought the sector to a near-standstill across the region. Read More

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