Choosing the right program for
you can be confusing…

If you are new to aviation, the various certifications can seem like a labyrinth of acronyms. PPL, ATP, CFI, MEI, Part 61, Part 141, it can be a bit overwhelming. The path that is right for you will depend on your goals. Do you want to be an adventure (private) pilot flying for personal recreation and travel, or are you seeking a fulfilling career in aviation?

Below are some basic program overviews to help you chart the path that’s right for you. However, the best way to learn more is to reach out to one of our training coordinators and discuss your goals and timeline.


Our Adventure Pilot Training

What we call our adventure pilot program is designed for any non-career oriented students. It begins with the first step for any pilot, the Private Pilot License (PPL) after which students may go on to earn their Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings.


Fly at Night with Instrument Rating Program

An instrument rating is optional for Adventure Pilots but the second step for career pilots. It allows you to fly in adverse conditions, through clouds, and in certain airspaces otherwise restricted to pilots flying with VFR (Visual Flight Rules)


Build Hours as a Certified Flight Instructor

The most common way for career pilots to build their hours is becoming a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor). This is typically the first stage of any career in aviation and it is where you begin your professional development as an aviator


Transition from Military to Civilian Aviation

If you have military rotor or fixed wing aviation training, we can help you easily transfer those skills to the civilian world as well as transition from rotor to fixed wing aircraft

If you’re still not sure which program might be best, our mentors can help!


Go from no experience, to Pro Pilot…

As a career student at Flex Air you have the option to tackle your training on a full time or part time basis.
Here is a rough ballpark of what you can expect


Just a few of our airline partnerships that hire our pilots.

We select aviation partners with a vision that goes beyond the status quo. Together, we’re building affordable flight training
opportunities for tomorrow’s diverse aviation workforce. Each of our aviation partners shares our commitment to
training excellence and great career outcomes.

Use our alumni’s journeys’ to help you chart the course.

See the Career Journeys' of Flex Air Students

Tim Kirschbaum, Cargo Pilot

Tim’s ultimate goal is quality of life. His new position at ATI gives him the opportunity to earn almost double his regional pay, while maximizing his time at home.


Quality flight training is a big investment…

For a huge career payoff! Pilot salaries are higher than ever before in the history of aviation and will keep rising for decades. Over the course of a typical career, an airline pilot might earn as much as $7 million.
To get there, make sure your Student FINANCING application is as strong as possible.


No matter your path, we’re here to make it easier.

We know all the researching can be daunting, and for many people choosing to follow your dreams is a decision riddled with anxiety of the unknown. We’re here to help lay the path.

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