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Flex Air was my first job as a flight instructor. Their mentors helped me land my dream job at a major airline.”

– Hanna Fowler

Flex Air Career Pilot Academy

Become An Airline Or Corporate Pilot In 9 Months Or Less (From Zero Time)

The Flex Air Career Pilot Academy is your rewarding path to an airline career. Flex Air offers you the industry-leading resources and personalized training you need to become an airline or corporate pilot in less than a year – proven by dozens of pilots since 2015.

Unmatched Training & Career Support

Full Financing Available To Your Needs

Twice As Fast As Other Schools

World-Class Safety & Career-Oriented Procedures

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6 Steps To Your Airline Career

Flex Air Career Pilot Academy Gets You There First


  • STEP 1: PPL

    Private Pilot License (8-24 weeks)

    Your first step is the Private Pilot License, where you'll learn the skills required to be a Pilot in Command (PIC).

  • STEP 2: IFR

    Instrument Rating (Approx. 9 weeks)

    The next step is to earn an instrument rating that allows you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and in all kinds of weather.

  • STEP 3: SEL

    Commercial Single Engine Land (Approx. 8 weeks)

    With Flex Air, we’ll help you meet specific experience requirements to earn a Commercial Pilot certificate. This allows you to fly and get paid legally.

  • STEP 4: MEL

    Commercial Multi-Engine Land (Approx. 3 Weeks)

    Adding a Multi-Engine rating to your Commercial Pilot certificate allows you to fly large passenger airlines.

  • STEP 5: CFI

    Certificated Flight Instructor (Approx. 4 Weeks)

    Start earning a living by becoming a Certified Flight Instructor. This step helps you obtain a Flight Instructor certificate and the flight experience required by airlines.

  • STEP 6: CFI-I

    Certificated Flight Instructor With Instrument (Approx. 1 Week)

    This certification helps you gain the quality and relevant flight experience necessary to meet the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate requirements. This certificate meets the hiring needs of most regional airline pilot jobs.


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Some of Our Student-Pilots Success Journeys

Every Aviation Career Path Is Different. We Measure Our Success By The Career Opportunities We Create For Every Student.

Hanna Fowler

Hanna Fowler’s Journey To Base Chief

A native of Atlanta, GA, she was exposed to every facet of the aviation industry from a young age by her pilot parents. Hanna’s experience extends from general aviation to pilot pipeline programs to name a few.

Hanna is active in aviation philanthropy and works with professional organizations and youth development groups such as Aviation Explorers, Women in Aviation, The Ninety-Nines, the National Gay Pilots Association, and the Wingscouts.

Today, she rose in her career from Base Chief Pilot at Flex Air to First Officer at one of the leading airlines in the Pacific Northwest.


Ryan Davis’ Journey To The Airlines

Ryan worked through flight school and has experience in many different positions. From gate and ramp agent to working as a crew scheduler for a low-cost carrier in college, Ryan positioned himself as a knowledgeable pilot going into the industry.

While building his hours towards his ATP, Ryan flew as a second-in-command on a Beech 1900 and Cessna Caravan for Hageland in Alaska before joining Compass Airlines on the 175.

Since then, Ryan has worked as a safety advocate, pilot recruiter, captain, line check airman, and even an Assistant Chief Pilot for National Air Cargo. He now flies the 757/767 for United as a First Officer.

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Tim Kirschbaum’s Journey To Cargo

After almost 23 years in the US Army, Tim went through Flex Air’s Military Transition Program to initially fly with PSA Airlines out of Ohio. Tim is flying cargo for ATI, which services customers such as Amazon and DHL.

Tim’s ultimate goal is quality of life. His new position at ATI allows him to earn almost double his regional pay while maximizing his time at home.


Asa Boldman’s Journey To Corporate Aviation

After graduating with a degree in accounting and working in the industry for a year, Asa decided it wasn’t for him.

Joining the Flex Air flight line in August 2018, he rocketed through training in just six months and joined Air Choice One as a first officer in one of Flex Air’s corporate flow programs.

Asa’s goal is to optimize quality of life with fun flying and intends to transition to the JetLinx flow once he reaches his hours.

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About Flex Air: At A Glance

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Recognized as an AOPA Distinguished and Military Friendly® Flight School, Flex Air continues to provide superior one-on-one mentorship and coaching for every pilot.

We uniquely offer a ‘full pilot experience’ where you will learn to treat every maneuver, procedure, and rule respectfully, giving them your total effort and focus. Imagine getting that outstanding education while doing what you dream of…flying into the sunrise.

Join us to experience the best flight school with the best flight training experts!

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Meet The Crew

The Leadership Behind Our Success Stories

Paul Wynn

Paul Wynns, CEO and Co-Founder

Paul Wynns believes that the best leadership works in service to great teams. He’s lived that philosophy in communities ranging from the military to startups to the world’s biggest aerospace company.

Paul is a retired Naval Aviator from the S-3B Viking sea control community. His duties included leadership of the aviation safety, training, standardization, and operating procedures program for all Navy Viking pilots worldwide.


Charlie Copeland, Co-Founder

Charles began his pilot training in 2006 while still in high school to become a professional pilot. Upon graduation in 2007, the airline industry was still in turmoil. Therefore he pivoted into a career as an operations manager and accountant.

His vision was to create affordable instruction with a holistic approach to training students, and in 2015, Charles launched Flex Air.
Over the years, Charles has been type-rated in multiple aircraft, including the Citation Latitude and X+. He now flies the Boeing737 for a major cargo carrier while also managing the operations of Flex.

Charles is actively involved in the National Gay Pilots Association, AOPA, NBAA Safety Committee, and the Civil Air Patrol.


Jason DuVernay, Pilot Mentor

As a mentor, Jason wants to ensure Flex Air students are on the path that fits their needs and desires. He does that by building off a wealth of experience that hasn’t always been pretty.

Jason’s career started after graduating from UND but quickly turned dark after an industry recession found him laid off. After working on hydroelectric turbines, he began to get back into the industry by initially flying corporate, then transitioning to GoJet, where he led their recruiting department and was the Assistant Chief.

He now flies for Frontier Airlines on the Airbus A-320 and is also a consultant with Raven Careers.

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Why Choose Flex Air Career Pilot Academy

Passionate, Caring & Outcome-Oriented

We are outcome-oriented and care deeply about your success. We believe that every student is unique. That’s why we employ a personalized approach for every student. We work with you personally to build a long-lasting relationship throughout your career.

First Job Match-Up After Graduation

We’ll match you up with your first job after graduation, leading to bigger and better opportunities as you gain experience. Flex Air supports all alumni by providing job search assistance and counseling services throughout their careers.

All-In Aviation Career Launch

Flex Air Career Pilot Academy helps launch your aviation career with academic instruction, simulator lessons, and aircraft training. Our program delivers every certification and rating you’ll need to get hired as a professional pilot on time and within budget.

Build A Top-Notch Resume

The academy teaches you more than just the skills you need to safely and confidently pilot an aircraft. You’ll receive training on networking in the industry and build a top-notch resume that will get you noticed.

Ideal Locations

Our strategic locations are in San Diego, CA, Manhattan, KS and Kansas City, KS. If you’re far from our sites, we have housing programs available for your needs. Our blue skies and sunshine make it the perfect place for flight training!

Full Financing Available To Your Needs

Flight training should be affordable to everyone who puts in the hard work. 

We’re with you every step, including finding great financing and a great job after graduation to pay for it.

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What Our Students Have To Say:

When I went to Flex Air, I didn’t have any confidence in my flight ability. Flex Air was really able to just take me on a personal level to feel a whole lot more confidence in myself…It just felt much more like home, everyone here supports me, everyone here knows me and they also believed in me. It was a whole other dynamic where I knew there were people that I could lean on, there were people that I could ask for help from and I never felt like I was gonna be held back by anything. So I was able to instill a lot of confidence in myself into all my training…it just helped me a lot with personal confidence.

– Asa Boldman

I started flying at a very young age with my parents. And so it has this nostalgic feel in a sense. As I grew older and I had to decide what I wanted to do - the type of career that I wanted to pursue - I loved the lifestyle of aviation. I loved being abroad, I loved working with different people, going to different places…I love traveling. And this is the only job that you can do that…that you can live a lifestyle like that. So without aviation, none of that would be possible.

– Hanna Fowler




I couldn’t have gotten here without great coaching, and now I’m a mentor to Flex Air students.

– Ryan Davis



After being in the U.S. Army for almost 23 years, I started flying for a major cargo carrier. I now make double my regional pay, while maximizing my time at home.

– Tim Kirschbaum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recognized as an AOPA Distinguished and Military Friendly® Flight School, Flex Air continues to ‘walk the talk’ by focusing on one-on-one mentorship and coaching for every pilot. We uniquely offer a ‘full pilot experience’ where you will learn to treat every maneuver, procedure, and rule respectfully, giving them your total effort and focus.

Flex Air provides an anonymous safety reporting system for all flight instructors and student pilots. Our first goal is safety. Our Safety Management System (SMS) is built on airline and military-grade processes and procedures.

We employ a Chief Safety Officer. Our Chief Safety Officer investigates and reports hazards and incidents, develops and administers our safety programs, and assists students and instructors in support of the Flex Air Safety System.

Our program is available to anyone who wants to take to the skies to earn a living. We cater to everyone regardless of skill, experience, or background. Our academy utilizes academic instruction, simulators, and aircraft training to ensure everyone can become a certified pilot!

Yes! We are the only flight school to offer the Department of Defense Skill Bridge Program for veterans with zero flight experience. You can receive full pay and benefits while you train for up to six months.

Our program lasts 9-10 months, depending on your skill and experience level. After graduation, you’ll spend 12-18 months building time and experience as a paid flight instructor at Flex Air or one of our partner schools. You’ll land your first airline job in half the time as competing schools.

Yes, and yes! The demand for pilots has never been higher, with a prediction that the growth rate will skyrocket by 13% between 2020 and 2030. That means that there will be about 15,000 job openings during this decade.

After graduation, we will pair you with your first career job! We will provide job search assistance and counseling services for the longevity of your career!

We want nothing more than your success, and we actively ensure your bright, soaring future!

Pilots can earn a lot of money, making flight school a very cost-effective option for those seeking to achieve high five and 6-figure salaries.

Commercial pilots average $93,300 per year.

Airline pilots and co-pilots average $160,970 annually.

Over the last several decades, people have viewed their careers differently. A vast majority of people view job satisfaction as being more important than exuberant salaries. As they say, “money can’t buy happiness.”

However, that’s precisely why piloting is such a sought-after career choice. Not only will flight school allow you to land a job that will allow you to live comfortably, but it’s also rewarding in other ways.

There’s nothing like taking to the skies on your first solo flight, safely landing for the first time, or venturing out to a new destination! While challenging, becoming a pilot is all about overcoming obstacles and hurdles. Speaking from experience, there’s no other job quite like this opportunity.

If you want to earn 5-6 figures and have a rewarding career, becoming a pilot will get you to where you want to be.

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