Via Careers Program for student financing

With Via Careers, you pay a small deposit up front. You train with us, we guarantee you an airline job after graduation, and you pay us back only if your salary takes off.

Interview. Train. Earn. We invest in you.

We offer an Income Share Agreement to make our training available to anyone with the skill, motivation, and passion for airline careers. Via Careers is a holistic approach to flight training that also serves your career and financing needs. Candidates will be screened through an airline-style interview process. Successful students will land high paying jobs with Flex Air’s network of regional airline partners. 

Income Share Agreements: Affordable alternatives to student loans

You pay us back only if your career takes off and your income increases above a minimum level. Your monthly payments increase only when your pay increases. Your contract has a fixed duration and a payment cap. After your contract expires, or once your total payments reach the payment cap, you owe nothing.

With Flex Air’s Via Careers Program, if our student pilots don’t succeed, we don’t get repaid. We invest in our students.

Advantages of the Via Careers Program

  • Pay a $5,000 deposit to start training (waived if you already have a Private Pilot License).
  • Guaranteed job placement as a Flex Air instructor, then at one of our partner airlines.
  • Pay nothing back until your income exceeds $45,000 a year.
  • Monthly payments are based on what you make in your airline career.
  • Stop paying once you’ve reached the $90,000 payment cap.
  • You’re 100% free of any obligation to us at the end of the 10-year payment schedule.


Eligibility Requirements

All Via Careers 2020 Class Slots Have Been Filled

Our Via Careers application cycle has closed for 2020. We are working with our program partners to offer additional openings in the near future. If you are passionate about an aviation career, we still want to speak with you! Our Advisors will help you map out your best path to an airline pilot job based on your goals. Contact us for an initial career counseling session.

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