Alumni & Mentor Profiles

Alumni: Tim Kirschbaum

Tim Kirschbaum

Tim’s Journey to Cargo

After almost 23 years in the US Army, Tim went through Flex Air’s Military Transition Program to initially fly with PSA Airlines out of Ohio. Now Tim is flying cargo for ATI who services customers such as Amazon and DHL. Tim’s ultimate goal is quality of life. His new position at ATI gives him the opportunity to earn almost double his regional pay, while maximizing his time at home.

Alumni: Hanna Fowler


Hanna’s Journey to Base Chief

A native of Atlanta, GA she was exposed to every facet of the aviation industry from a young age by her pilot parents. Hanna’s experience extends from general aviation to pilot pipeline programs to name a few.

Hanna is very active in aviation philanthropy and works with professional organizations and youth development groups such as the Aviation Explorers, Women in Aviation, The Ninety-Nines, National Gay Pilots Association, and the Wingscouts. Today, she instructs full time and is the Flex Air’s Chief Pilot in San Diego while also teaching a private pilot course at the nearby Miramar College. Remotely, Hanna manages the flight operations of the other Flex Air locations, and strives towards her goal of becoming an airline pilot.

Alumni: Ryan Davis


Ryan’s Journey to the Airlines

Ryan worked his way through flight school and has experience in many different positions. From gate and ramp agent to working as a crew scheduler for a low-cost carrier in college, Ryan positioned himself as a knowledgable pilot going into industry. While building his hours towards his ATP, Ryan flew as a second-in-command on a Beech 1900 and Cessna Caravan for Hageland in Alaska before joining Compass Airlines on the 175. From there, Ryan has worked as a safety advocate, pilot recruiter, captain, line check airman, and even an Assistant Chief Pilot for National Air Cargo recently. He now flies the 757/767 for United as a First Officer.

Mentor: Jason DuVernay


Jason’s Journey to the Airlines

As a mentor, Jason wants to make sure Flex Air students are on the path that fits their needs and desires. He does that by building off a wealth of experience, that hasn’t always been pretty. His career started off normal once he graduated from UND, but was quickly turned dark after an industry recession found him laid off. After spending time working on hydroelectric turbines, he set off to get back into the industry by initially flying corporate, then transitioning to GoJet where he led their recruiting department and was the Assistant Chief. He now flies for Frontier Airlines on the Airbus A-320 and is also a consultant with Raven Careers.

Alumni: Asa Boldman


Asa’s Journey to Corporate Aviation

After graduating with a degree in accounting and working in the industry for a year, Asa decided it wasn’t for him. Joining the Flex Air flight line in August 2018, he rocketed through training in just six months and joined Air Choice One as a first officer in one of Flex Air’s corporate flow programs. Asa’s goal is to optimize quality of life with fun flying and intends to transition to the JetLinx flow once he reaches his hours.

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