Rotor Transition Program

Rotor Transition Program

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Rotor Transition Program (RTP) for Military Helicopter and Tiltrotor Pilots


Aviation Careers for Any Veteran Rotor Pilot

If you are a military rotor pilot with an FAA Commercial Rotor or Powered Lift certificate, you can use Reduced Fixed-Wing ATP (R-ATP) minimums to launch your civilian fixed-wing aviation career. Our Rotor Transition Program is for you. At the end of our 3-month RTP program, you will meet the minimum hiring requirements for any regional airline (Part 121) or corporate (Part 135) operator.

Each of our RTP programs is custom-designed for your current experience, knowledge, and flight time. Our award-winning flight instruction and mentorship have transitioned over 100 Veterans to airline careers with a 100% placement rate since 2016.


RTP Program Features

  • Student housing is available at our Kansas bases (MHK or OJC)
  • Earn your Aircraft Multi-Engine Land (AMEL) rating (MHK only)
  • Time-build your fixed-wing PIC hours with a “battle buddy” in our Crew Resource Management (CRM) program (All bases)
  • Credentialing Assistance, GI Bill, VR&E, payment programs, and loan funding available
  • Includes resume-building, interview coaching, and career placement services for 4 years after separation from active duty


Are you a Veteran from a non-aviation community?

Our DoD SkillBridge program offers airline careers for any Veteran, with no prior flight experience or college degree required.


For Veterans by Veterans

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The most important parts of our programming are the mentorship and career placement services we offer. We've been in your shoes before, we know what you need for success.

Paul Wynns, US Navy
CEO & Co-Founder of Flex Air


Follow the Journeys of our Veteran students

Tim Kirschbaum, From Army to Cargo Pilot

After almost 23 years in the US Army, Tim went through Flex Air’s Military Transition Program to initially fly with PSA Airlines out of Ohio. Now Tim is flying cargo for ATI which services customers such as Amazon and DHL.


Resources for Veteran Pilots

Any transition to civilian life is full of uncertainty, but it’s worth the risk. We’ve been in your shoes before and we’ve got your back. Some resources to get you started, based on the questions we get most often:

Navy COOL will pay for exam fees associated with any of your ratings. Learn about the process and how to get started with your command.

Army CA
Army CA will pay for credentialing fees, including a portion of your flight training. Learn about the process and how to get started with your command.

Military Logbooks
Our friends at AnyTime Logbooks can help. Here’s a video walkthrough.

Matching your Active Duty Income
Use this calculator to find out how much do you need to earn as a civilian in order to match your current active-duty income.

Resume Writing
Here are some resources to get you started. We also provide career counseling and placement services to all our students and alumni.

Quality flight training is a big investment…

For a huge career payoff! Pilot salaries are higher than ever before in the history of aviation and will keep rising for decades. Over the course of a typical career, an airline pilot might earn as much as $10 million.

Affordability can be a real barrier to getting quality flight training. We offer five financing programs, including one that we back using our own resources for outstanding candidates who lack access to credit. GI Bill and VR&E benefits are available for use at our Kansas location. To learn more, speak with our recruiting team.

Ready to make the transition to a civilian aviation career?

We know all the researching can be daunting, and for many servicemembers choosing to follow your dreams is a decision riddled with anxiety of the unknown. Our veteran transition team is here to help lay the path.

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