Career Pilot Program

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Career Pilot Program

Flex Air Career Pilot Academy

Our Flex Air Career Pilot Academy will help you launch your aviation career with a combination of academic instruction, simulator lessons, and aircraft training. Our program delivers every certification and rating you’ll need to get hired as a professional pilot.

The academy also teaches you more than just the skills you need to safely and confidently pilot an aircraft. You’ll receive training on how to network in the industry and build a top-notch resume that will get you noticed.


We’ll match you up with your first job after graduation, and follow-on flows to bigger and better jobs as your experience builds. We’ll support you as a Flex Air alumni by providing job search and counseling services throughout your career.

Student housing available at Kansas locations.

Timeline to become a career pilot
Certificated Flight Instructor Academy

The fastest way to become an airline pilot

Have you already completed one or more ratings at another school? Has your training stalled out after months of delays and waiting lists? Transfer to Flex Air and finish in our accelerated program, where our career placement rate is 100% and our training outcomes are 340% better than the average flight school. The fastest way to become an airline pilot is as a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI). We hold quarterly CFI Academy courses that will teach you everything you need to become a flight instructor. But more importantly, we'll teach you how to stand out and get hired at the best flight schools, where you'll build 1,000 or more flight hours in just a year.

Quality flight training is a big investment…

For a huge career payoff! Pilot salaries are higher than ever before in the history of aviation and will keep rising for decades. Over the course of a typical career, an airline pilot might earn as much as $7 million.

To get there, make sure your Student FINANCING application is as strong as possible.

What students are saying about us…


Ryan has worked as a safety advocate, pilot recruiter, captain, line check airman, and even an Assistant Chief Pilot for National Air Cargo recently. He now flies the 757/767 for United as a First Officer.

Ready to start your engines?

We know all the researching can be daunting, and for many people choosing to follow your dreams is a decision riddled with anxiety of the unknown. We’re here to help lay the path.