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Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport's very first use was flight training, and while it also serves as a business and general aviation oriented airport, it's still a great place for flight training. Just six miles to the northeast of San Diego International Airport, you'll learn to navigate the challenges of being a pilot in the complex southern California airspace. Since it is located close to the San Diego Class Bravo airspace and the Gillespie Field Class Delta airspace you'll master the unique arrival routes learning to use Mt Soledad as a VFR entry point.


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Montgomery-Gibbs Airport History

Established in 1937 as Gibbs Field, Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport began as a single-runway facility. In 1940, William “Bill” Gibbs leased the airport to the Ryan School of Aeronautics for the training of Army Air Corps cadets. Seven years later, the City of San Diego acquired the airport from Gibbs. The City renamed the airport Montgomery Field in 1950, in tribute to John J. Montgomery, a pioneer credited with the first controlled flight in a fixed-wing aircraft (near Otay Mesa area in 1883). In 2016, the San Diego City Council adopted a resolution to change the airport’s name to Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, not only acknowledging Bill Gibbs’ contribution, but also signaling a commitment to providing superior services and facilities for aviators. Today, the airport serves as a bustling hub for flight training as well as general aviation, catering to diverse operations, including private, corporate, charter, air ambulance, law enforcement, fire rescue and cargo services. The Federal Aviation Administration has designated Montgomery-Gibbs as a reliever airport for the San Diego International Airport – Lindbergh Field, helping to mitigate congestion by serving general aviation aircraft that might otherwise utilize the busier air carrier airport.


Photo by Craig Butz CC BY-SA 4.0

Our Montgomery-Gibbs Community

People are the most important part of an aircraft and an organization. We are blessed with an amazing crew at Montgomery-Gibbs and we would love for you to meet our flight instructors, flight training advisors, and the rest of our terrific ground crew.

Whether you are brand new or have ratings from another school, we can get you flying at Montgomery-Gibbs right away, with no delays or long waiting lists!

Flex Air’s Montgomery-Gibbs location provides flight training for military transition pilots and service members with no prior flight training. We are proud to serve Camp Pendleton and Naval personnel and veterans from all services.

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