Safety Reporting

Safety Reporting

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Our first goal is safety

Flex Air provides an anonymous safety reporting system for all flight instructors and student pilots. Our first goal is safety. You are the first and last line of defense. Please consider stating your problem clearly and what you would like to do to fix it.

If you would like an individual follow-up, include your name and the Chief Safety Officer will contact you directly for amplifying information and an acceptable solution. Your submission will be considered privileged unless you authorize the disclosure of your name associated with the problem by specifically stating such, otherwise, Flex Air leadership will do its best to address your concern anonymously.

Identifying hazards and managing risks

Flex Air’s first goal is a safe training environment on the ground and in the air. We employ a Chief Safety Officer and maintain an anonymous safety reporting system to ensure we meet this goal.

Our students are taught to identify hazards and manage risks as part of sound aeronautical decision-making, which is a key skill for any pilot of any experience level.

Our Chief Safety Officer investigates and reports hazards and incidents, develops and administers our safety programs, and provides assistance to students and instructors in support of the Flex Air Safety System.

Specific safety procedures and information for contacting the Chief Safety Officer can be found in your Flex Air Standard Operating Procedures document.