Welcome To Flex Air

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Starting Off Strong

Welcome to Flex Air! We are so glad to have you here with us. Here at Flex, we pride ourselves on our individualized approach toward YOUR flight training journey. Our goal is to provide exceptional training in a way that is tailored to YOU. To ensure your success in this course, we have listed some information to assist you in preparing for your first day. Below you will find study resources, memory aids, videos and more. Enjoy!

Blue Skies and Tailwinds,
The Flex Family

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Have you passed your written exam?

In most cases, you're required to pass a written exam before you start aircraft training with us.

Be sure to get in touch with your Flight Instructor (CFI) or Career Mentor if you have questions.

Flex Air uses an all-virtual ground school developed by our friends at Pilot Institute. You'll get a Flex Air discount using these links:


What to bring to your first day of flight training?

  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. For your safety, close toed shoes are required during all flight operations. We recommend comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. The aircraft are not climate controlled.
  • iPad with this guide here.
  • Headset with this guide here.
  •  First Class medical documentation (for Career Academy pilots)
  • Blue Passport (for Career Academy pilots)
  • Current FAR AIM
  • Your Pilot logbook
  • Flashlight
  • ForeFlight subscription
  • Pens and highlighters
  • Notebook
  • Water bottle


First Day Study Materials & Resources 

Please familiarize yourself with the resources below prior to your first lesson. The more you prepare, the easier your first flight will be. You and your instructor will review the necessary information for your flight before heading to the aircraft, and they may have additional items for you to review as well. It is always best to make contact with your instructor prior to the first day.