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The best way to become a more skilled, more professional pilot is by teaching others. Our Flex Air certified flight instructor (CFI) Academy program provides you with everything you need to become a confident, safe, and experienced certified flight instructor. We teach from an accelerated syllabus designed to get you checked out, hired, and earning money as an instructor as quickly as possible. Full-time academy students can expect to be ready for their final check ride after two weeks of intensive instruction. Following their CFI check ride, our students continue for an additional 2 weeks to obtain their CFII which will provide them more of an opportunity for employment as an instructor.

San Diego

One Flight, One Crew

Our academy program is unique for its emphasis on Flex Air’s “One Flight, One Crew” concept. We see instructors and students as one crew and teach advanced Crew Resource Management principles normally reserved for airline pilots. This One Crew approach enhances safety, student satisfaction, and teamwork on every training event flown by a Flex Air CFI Academy alumni. Flight instruction is more than just a job. Our CFI Academy is your pathway to joining a respected aviation community.

Delivering value beyond the checkbox

Kansas MHK
CFI $10,000
CFII $3,700
CFI/CFII Bundle $13,000
MEI $7,625

San Diego MYF
CFI $12,500
CFII $4,900
CFI/CFII Bundle $17,000

Housing: Available in MHK location only

Choose Your Adventure!

Our #FlexAir CFI Academy is offered in 2 great locations, Kansas and San Diego. Each location offers a unique flying experience. For those who have experienced and prefer the adventure of varied terrain and busy Class B airspace, our San Diego location may be just what you are looking for. Yet, for those who are looking for slower, open airspace where you can hone your radio ATC skills and maneuvers, then our Kansas location should be an excellent fit for you. Housing available only in our Kansas location at this time. A list of possible lodging options can be provided for San Diego.


The Sky is the Limit!

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