Resources For Veterans

Photo credit: US Navy / 16 Aug 2004 / Blue Wolf 704. (If you end up in a mentorship session with Paul, ask him "why this photo?")

"A ship is safe in port, but that is not what ships are for".

By leaving a tribe that's been safe harbor for many years, we risk a lot.

A military transition is a big step with high stakes. It's about more than just figuring out a new career path, pay scales, and cleaning up your salty language for civilian audiences. By leaving a tribe that's been safe harbor for many years, we risk a lot, but the potential rewards are great. For more on this, check out Sebastian Junger's Tribe, and this podcast interview from 2018.

Below you'll find an introduction to some of the themes and resources we explore in Flex Air's SkillBridge programming for Veterans seeking commercial airline pilot jobs. Are you interested in our SkillBridge programming?

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Big Five Personality Inventory

The "Big Five" personality traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) are a useful model for comparing and contrasting personality types. You can take a free, anonymous Big Five test online.

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Brief Strengths Test

The Brief Strengths Test at UPENN's Authentic Happiness Project sheds light on your unique strengths. Exercising these strengths regularly can bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment. You'll have to create an account (it's free).



Find Your Why

Read Find Your Why by Simon Sinek to help discover and sharpen your values.



Designing Your Life

Take a design approach to constructing the life and career you want, with Designing Your Life by Burnett and Evans. 

Additional Resources


Veteran Benefits by State

Thinking about where to settle down as a civilian? This website by the Center for a New American Security summarizes veteran benefits in each state.


Matching Your Active Duty Income

Be smart about building your personal budget after you separate. Use this calculator to find out how much do you need to earn as a civilian in order to match your current active-duty income. 


Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

Here are some resources to get you started. We also provide career counseling and placement services to all our students and alumni.