Flex Air Academy Pilot Training

As a professional pilot, you can look forward to higher wages and the potential to earn as much as 7
million dollars throughout the course of your career. At Flex Air Academy, you are guaranteed to go from
zero hours to a certified commercial pilot in as little as eight to twelve months.

Take Advantage of the ATP Shortage

Get ready for your new aviation career with pilot training at our Flex Air Academy. Over the next 20 years, the demand for commercial and Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) will exceed the supply. According to Forbes, the US will need an estimated 95,000 experienced airline pilots while the supply of pilots available will only be 64,000. 

The reasons for the projected pilot shortages are numerous and include both regulatory and operating factors. ATP pilots must have a total of 1,500 flight hours. The FAA requires that airline transport pilots retire at the age of 65, which will result in thousands of open pilot positions that need to be filled. Airlines are also experiencing an unprecedented boom. They have increased capacity and lowered operating expenses, which means they are flying more routes within the United States and across the globe. 

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Flex Air Academy

  • Best Flight Training Value for Your Money
  • Earn Your Commercial Certificate in Eight to 12 Months
  • Enjoy Monthly Recruiting Events
  • Professional Flight Instructors with Airline and Corporate Experience
  • Become Airline Qualified Within Two to Three Years
  • 100 Percent Career Placement for All Graduating Pilots
  • Individualized Career Counseling with a Dedicated Wingman
  • Month to Month Student Housing

Earning Your Wings at Our Flex Air Academy

You can earn your wings at our Flex Air Academy, even if you have zero flight time and no experience in the flight deck. Our comprehensive flight training program is designed to take you from student pilot to commercial pilot in eight to twelve months, and you could have your private pilot’s license in as little as 21 days, depending on your flying schedule.

Personalized Student Attention

Students in our flight training academy enjoy low student-instructor ratios, which results in peronalized attention, higher pass rates for written and practical tests and faster completion of pilot’s licenses and certifications while maintaining strict safety standards.

Flex Air Academy Timeline

No Flair Aircraft Fleet

All of our practical flight training is accomplished inside our fleet of “No Flair Airfare”, which means you will not overpay for your flight instruction due to excessive aircraft bells and whistles. Our aircraft are designed and upgraded to be safety and budget oriented so students are not billed for things they do not need. Although things like Auto-pilot and full glass panel displays are fun, they could add up to $15,000 to your training costs.


Realize Your Aviation Dream Today

You can realize your aviation dream today by enrolling in our Flex Air Academy. For more information about enrollment and how you can achieve your aviation dreams, call us today. Our Certified Flight Instructors and Wingman Advisors will help you map out your training needs based on your goals!

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