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Become a Pilot: Learn to Fly in Kansas

Whether you want to take your friends on vacation, save time commuting, or start a career, earning your private pilot’s license (PPL) is where your trip begins. All pilots start flight training by earning an private pilot certificate, and there's no better FAA certified Kansas flight school, than Flex Air.

Private Pilot License Cost in Kansas City (OJC) image

Private Pilot License Cost in Kansas City (OJC)


Part 141 Private Pilot training program using the King Schools CTA syllabus. Includes Enrollment fee, Cessna Private Course, PPL DPE fees and ops fee, and TCO minimums plus average additional instruction required to meet ACS standards: Ground instruction 15.5 hrs, Pre/Post 10.1 hrs, Dual instruction 35 hrs, C-172 50 hrs. Complete within 6 months (Full Time) or 12 months (Part Time).

Private Pilot License Cost in Manhattan, KS (MHK) image

Private Pilot License Cost in Manhattan, KS (MHK)


Private Pilot License training program with: 40 ground hours, 50 flight hours, 35 dual instruction hours, Enrollment fee, FAA, TSA, DPE, checkride fees, Simulator access fee for unlimited simulator training. Complete within 6 months (full-time) or 12 months (part-time).

Johnson County Airport (OJC)

What's the cost to get your private pilot license at OJC?

Pilot Training Costs in Kansas City

Pursuing a private pilot license in Olathe / Kansas City requires a commitment of time, effort, and financial resources. It's important to make every flight hour count. At Flex Air, this means focusing on 1-on-1 ground and simulator lessons on Day 1 to ensure you're prepared for every training flight. Our programs emphasize professional standards in a flexible training environment tailored to your schedule. This estimate the part 141 statutory minimums to get a Private Pilot's License in Kansas Your actual costs may differ. 

Manhattan Regional Airport, KS (MHK)

How much does it cost to get your private pilot license at MHK?

Private Pilot certificate cost breakdown at MHK

Obtaining a private pilot license in Manhattan, KS requires time, effort, and financial resources, but you can schedule flexibly and go as fast or as slow as you would like.  At Flex Air, we make every flight hour count by focusing on 1-on-1 ground and simulator lessons from your first day to make sure you're prepared for every training flight from you first one to your last hours of solo flight. Our programs emphasize professional standards in a flexible training environment tailored to your needs and schedule. This estimate represents total typical costs to get a Private Pilot's License at MHK. Your actual costs may differ. 

How long does it take to get your private pilot license in Kansas

Flexible timelines for FAA required flight training to get your private pilot certificate

At Flex Air you have the choice of a full-time or a part-time training program. By choosing a full-time program, you can earn your private pilot’s certificate in as little as 2 months, while if part-time you can complete your program in 3-12 months.

The time it takes to complete the flight and ground training for a private pilot license in Kansas, or anywhere else, can vary depending on several factors including the frequency of flying lessons and your individual aptitude. Here’s an outline of what to expect:

  1. Flight Training Hours Required: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time for a private pilot license under part 61. Part 141 requires a minimum of 35 hours of flight training (compared to 40 hours under Part 61).This includes at least 20 hours of flight training with an instructor and 10 hours of solo flight as well night flying, cross-country, and other types of flight training requirements.  However, many students need more than the minimum hours to meet all the necessary skills and competencies. Flex Air offers both part 61 and part 141 flight training in Kansas. 

  2. Frequency of Lessons: The more frequently you take flight lessons, the more quickly you can complete your training. If you fly multiple times a week, you may be able to complete your training in a few months. However, if you only fly once a week, it could take a year or more.

  3. Weather Conditions: In spring, summer and fall Kansas allows for more consistent flying days compared to many locations, which can help in completing the training faster. If you are training in the winter, there will be less days with good conditions in Kansas.

  4. Personal Commitment and Aptitude: The speed at which you learn and adapt to the skills required for flying also significantly affects the duration of training.

    Private Pilot Ground School

    In addition to flight hours, you'll need to pass a written private pilot knowledge test, which requires learning and studying. At Flex Air, you will be assigned and work on one with one of our certified flight instructors. Your instructor will begin by taking the time to learn about you.


On the Horizon: What is an Instrument Rating?

An Instrument Rating (IR) is a qualification that pilots can obtain to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR), which permits them to operate aircraft in conditions of reduced visibility such as clouds or fog, relying solely on instruments. This rating is essential for navigating through adverse weather conditions and during times when visual references are not possible. The training for an IR includes learning advanced navigation techniques, understanding detailed meteorology, and mastering the use of complex flight instruments. Pilots must complete specific flight training hours, pass a rigorous theoretical knowledge exam, and demonstrate their skills during a practical flight test with an examiner. Obtaining an Instrument Rating enhances a pilot's ability to fly safely in a broader range of conditions and increases their proficiency and decision-making skills in challenging environments.

Why you should get you Private Pilot's License at Flex Air Flight School

Find the Perfect Flight Instructor at Flex Air Kansas Flight Schools

The Hallmarks of an Outstanding Flight Instructor

An exceptional flight instructor, a CFI, is the bedrock of successful pilot training, combining strong communication skills, patience, and a nuanced understanding of each student's needs. At Flex Air, our instructors are not just trainers; they are mentors driven to inspire, adapt, and guide students through every challenge, ensuring personalized progress and success.

Experience and Certification: The Flex Air Edge

Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are among the elite, with a rich blend of technical expertise and real-world experience across commercial and military aviation. This diversity allows them to offer invaluable insights and tailored training that align with your specific goals, making Flex Air your ideal choice for flight training in San Diego.

Finding Your Best Match at Flex Air

Flex Air believes in a personalized match between student and instructor, ensuring a synergy that fosters a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience. We encourage prospective pilots to engage with our instructors through trial lessons and conversations with past students, guaranteeing that your flight training journey is as dynamic as your dreams.

Why Flex Air Stands as Your Ideal Flight School Choice in Kansas

Expect Excellence with Flex Air

Choosing Flex Air means opting for a school that values safety, high-caliber education, and a tailored approach to training. We are committed to equipping you with the skills, confidence, and support needed to thrive in the aviation industry, underscored by our modern facilities and passionate instructors.

Discover the Flex Air Difference

Deciding on your flight training center is paramount. At Flex Air, you'll find an unmatched blend of qualified instructors, diverse aircraft, and an unwavering commitment to safety and personalized learning whether as new student, or getting multi-engine training or in a CFI flight training academy. We invite you to visit us, meet our team, and discover why Flex Air is your gateway to a successful and rewarding career in aviation. Your dream of flight is within reach—let Flex Air be the wind beneath your wings.

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Hannah fell in love with aviation at a young age with memories of doing spins in a 172 with her dad. Following in both of her parent’s footsteps, she is working toward starting her own career in aviation, but she has never lost that innocent love for the adventure of flying.

Private Pilot License (PPL) in Kansas FAQs

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Learning to fly is exciting, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your journey to becoming a pilot as smooth and enjoyable as possible.