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Student Success

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Success Starts Here! 

The Flex Air team is dedicated to the success of your flight school journey. Our committed Student Success Manager is available to support you with consistent outreach, beneficial trainings, and valuable resources to help you overcome barriers on your path to success from your first day until graduation. Coaching sessions are offered and can be customized to your individual interests, strengths, and needs. The Student Success Manager genuinely cares about you reaching your goals and looks forward to working with you to achieve them. Additionally, our team of skilled experienced leaders are available to mentor and coach you along the way (look below to learn more). Get started with your success team and mentors today! 

Coaching Calls 1:1 or Group Mentoring 

Learn from the Pros 

Our seasoned and experienced aviation staff are excited to provide you with the opportunity to connect with themselves and other Flex Air students. Meetings are available for one on one coaching calls or group mentorship calls. Set up a time to connect today! 

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Both Manhattan, KS and San Diego, CA locations offer an abundance of options for exploring arts and culture, dining, nightlife, and the outdoors. What's more, we wanted to be sure and provide you with several useful and affordable spaces such as clinics, physical fitness facilities, and libraries in your area that could be valuable during your time as a Flex Air student.

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