Kansas Aviation Degree Programs


Flex Air Aviation Degree Program Purdue Global

Looking for an aviation college program that targets your career goals? How about something that's flexible so it works with your flight training and work schedule?

Flex Air is a proud alliance partner flight school for Purdue Global. Purdue Global offers Flex Air students practical aviation education that combines online learning flexibility with flight training. You'll work toward a Purdue Global Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight or a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and learn the latest skills from aviation experts with real-world experience in the field as you gain the credentials you need to succeed. 

Aviation Degree Program in Kansas

Are you a Kansas based veteran looking for flexible, 100% online college coursers? You'll get an alliance partner discount at Purdue Global if you're co-enrolled at Flex Air while you work on your college courses, and get college credit for the progress you make in your flight training.

Online Aviation Degree

All classes are 100% online, so it’s easy to create a study schedule that fits your lifestyle and flight training plan. This 100% online program is in partnership with Flex Air Flight School. For students who are unable to attend an on-campus aviation program, online aviation degree programs offer a flexible alternative. These programs provide the same quality education as their on-campus counterparts, allowing students to earn their degree at their own pace. Online aviation degree programs are offered by universities such as Purdue University and Purdue Global.

Benefits for Veterans in Aviation Degree Programs at Purdue Global

  • Are you looking to make the most of your VA benefits like the GI Bill and VR&E for flight training?
  • Are you looking to continue your flight training after the Flex Air SkillBridge Aviation program?
  • Purdue Global has a lot to offer for veterans like you!

University Aviation Programs

University aviation programs like Purdue Global have a lot to offer to student pilots! By attending college while in flight school, you'll gain access to additional funding sources and benefits while making your applications more competitive in the flight instructor, airline, charter, and cargo job markets.

Purdue Global Brand Resources

Purdue Global School of Aviation:

A Flex Air Flight Training Partner

Is your ambition to be a professional pilot? Purdue Global's bachelor’s degree in professional flight prepares you with a broad knowledge of the aviation industry and offers all your nonflight courses 100% online.

Degrees include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management

Advantages of Purdue Global University Aviation Programs at Flex Air:

  • Graduate faster: Take 100% Online Nonflight Courses and graduate in 2-3 years.
  • Flexible schedule: Enrollment windows open every 2-3 months.
  • Earn college credit for flight training: Earn Up to 45 Credits for Industry Certification: PPL, CFI, and More
  • Receive Tuition Reduction discounts: Or use your VA benefits to attend Purdue Global at no cost while receiving a tax-free military housing allowance.
  • Unlock additional benefits: You'll be eligible for Federal student aid Pell Grants. Veterans may be eligible for VR&E funding for flight training.

Admission Requirements

Prior to enrollment in the Purdue Global program, students must:

  • Hold a Private Pilot Certificate
  • Hold a first-class medical certificate
  • Have graduated high school or obtained a GED


More resources for transitioning servicemembers

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Resources for all Veterans

Readings and exercises can help you discover your personal career goals and values while developing the soft skills you'll need for success.




Rotor Transition Program (RTP)

Military helicopter pilots can transition directly into airline careers. Flex Air's RTP training is a complement to SkillBridge for rotary wing pilots.



GI Bill for Flight Training

SkillBridge is your best first step. Learn how to unlock your VA benefits for advanced flight training.