The Folded Flag Foundation

Written by Paul Wynns

The Folded Flag Foundation is a remarkable charitable organization dedicated to honoring the legacy of the United States military personnel who have lost their lives in combat operations or as a result of service-connected causes. Founded to provide support and assistance to the bereaved families of these brave men and women, The Folded Flag Foundation steps in to offer financial support in areas where governmental assistance may fall short or be unavailable. Among the most significant forms of support that the foundation offers are educational scholarships for the spouses and children of fallen service members. These scholarships are designed to cover a wide range of educational expenses, from K-12 to higher education and beyond, including vocational and technical education, as well as post-graduate studies.

The specific focus on education, including the field of aviation, stems from the foundation's understanding of the transformative power of education in the lives of those affected by the loss of a military family member. For individuals aspiring to careers in aviation—an industry that demands specialized training and education—the financial assistance provided can be particularly impactful. The Folded Flag Foundation's aviation scholarships are intended not only to alleviate the economic burden associated with pursuing aviation careers but also to honor the memory of the fallen by supporting the educational and professional dreams of their family members. By investing in the futures of these families, the foundation envisions a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by their loved ones, ensuring that their legacy contributes to the cultivation of the next generation of aviators and professionals in various fields.


Children’s Education Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Full Ride
Grade Level
High School Students
For eligible children in grades K-12, The Folded Flag Foundation provides scholarships and educational grants to cover private school tuition and fees, tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps and other related educational expenses.