Flying Musicians Association, Inc.

Written by Paul Wynns

The Flying Musicians Association, Inc. (FMA) is a unique organization that brilliantly melds the worlds of music and aviation, recognizing the striking parallels between those who have a passion for both flying and making music. Founded in 2009, the FMA is a non-profit entity that seeks to encourage, promote, and support the dual interests of its members, operating under the belief that skills like precision, discipline, and creativity are essential both to musicians and aviators. The association's membership includes a diverse group ranging from professional and amateur musicians who are pilots to aviation enthusiasts who love music, as well as individuals involved in various sectors of the aviation industry.

The FMA stands out for its commitment to education and outreach. One of its signature initiatives is the scholarship program aimed at high school and college students who embody the association's dual passions. These scholarships support aspiring musicians and aviators in pursuing their education and flight training, helping cultivate the next generation of flying musicians. By providing financial aid and mentorship, the FMA not only contributes to the personal development of young individuals but also ensures the continued intersection of these two fields.

In addition to fostering educational opportunities, the FMA is known for its community outreach efforts, bringing together music and aviation enthusiasts at air shows, fly-ins, and other aviation-related events. Here, members perform live music, share their experiences, and inspire others about the joys and synergies between flying and music. The association also participates in and organizes seminars and workshops focused on both aviation and music education, underscoring the educational aspect of its mission.

By bridging these two seemingly disparate worlds, the Flying Musicians Association, Inc. has created a vibrant community that celebrates the harmonious blend of aviation and music. Through its scholarships, outreach, and educational programs, the FMA not only enriches the lives of its members but also contributes positively to the broader fields of aviation and music, encouraging growth, learning, and a shared sense of adventure.a


FMA Solo Program

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High School Juniors & Seniors

The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) Solo Program is a unique scholarship initiative designed by the Flying Musicians Association, an organization that blends the passions of music and aviation. This program specifically targets high school...