FMA Solo Program

Written by Paul Wynns

The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) Solo Program is a unique scholarship initiative designed by the Flying Musicians Association, an organization that blends the passions of music and aviation. This program specifically targets high school music students who have a strong desire to learn how to fly. Its main goal is to support these students on their journey to achieve a significant milestone in aviation: the completion of their first solo flight. This is a critical step for anyone aspiring to become a pilot, marking the transition from student to aviator, where they fly an aircraft alone for the first time without an instructor aboard.

The FMA Solo Program recognizes the parallels between the disciplines of music and aviation, particularly the dedication, practice, and precision required to excel in both fields. By leveraging the students' musical discipline, the program aims to foster their development as pilots, underlining the belief that skills honed in music can be effectively translated into flying.

Selected students are provided with scholarships that cover aspects of their flight training up to and including their first solo flight. This financial support is crucial, as it opens up opportunities for young aviators who might otherwise be unable to afford the costs associated with flight training. Beyond the financial aspect, scholarship recipients become part of a community that shares their dual interests in music and aviation, offering networking opportunities, mentorship, and support from like-minded individuals.

FMA Solo Program


  1. Flight Training through solo (~15hrs)
  2. Assistance in obtaining flight training materials
  3. Assistance in obtaining flight gear
  4. Sponsored Student Membership in FMA
  5. FMA shirt & other swag
  6. Designated FMA Youth Ambassador in their region
  7. Opportunity to perform outreach at events


  1. Nominated by music director/teacher
  2. Passion for music
  3. Passion for aviation and desire to Learn to Fly
  4. Junior or Senior High School Music Student
  5. Minimum Age – 16 (by March 31 of the year award is given)
  6. Proof of Citizenship (Country Where Training is to Take Place)
  7. Able to obtain a 3rd Class FAA medical, state issued driver license or equivalent
  8. Parental Approval (if under 18 years old)

Dates to Remember:

  1. Nominations Due by January 31
  2. Finalists Notified March 1
  3. Finalists Acceptance Due March 31
  4. Awards Announced and Recipients Notified May 1

Multiple awards worth

Flight Training & Resources

Application deadline


The Flying Musicians Association, Inc. (FMA) is a unique organization that brilliantly melds the worlds of music and aviation, recognizing the striking parallels between those who have a passion for both flying and making music. Founded in 2009, the FMA is a non-profit entity that seeks to encourage, promote, and support the dual interests of its members, operating under the belief that skills ...

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Eligibility information

The scholarship is open to high school juniors or seniors who are nominated by a music director/teacher. Applicants must be able to obtain a 3rd Class FAA medical, state-issued driver's license or equivalent in addition to meeting the requirements below.

High School Juniors & Seniors
Grade Level High School Juniors & Seniors,Academic Interest Aviation/Aerospace, Music