Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Written by Paul Wynns
The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) Undergraduate Scholarship Program is designed to support undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in space science and aerospace. This program is specifically targeted at students enrolled in institutions of higher education within the state of Wisconsin. Typically, the scholarship awards amounts vary, aiming to assist students with tuition and academic expenses related to their studies in aerospace-related fields.

Eligibility and Requirements:
  1. Residency and Enrollment: Applicants must be U.S. citizens and enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at a WSGC member institution in Wisconsin. They must demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in space science or aerospace.
  2. Academic Performance: A minimum grade point average (GPA) is often required, demonstrating the applicant's strong academic performance and potential for success in their chosen space-related field.
  3. Field of Study: The scholarship is open to students across various disciplines, provided their course of study is relevant to space science or aerospace. This includes, but is not limited to, engineering, physics, astronomy, and earth science.
  4. Research and Involvement: Preference may be given to students actively participating in research or projects related to space or aerospace. Applicants might need to describe their research or project involvement in their application.

The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) represents a state-based component of the national effort to maintain America's leadership in technology and innovation through the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, established by Congress in 1989. As one of the 52 consortia participating in this nationwide initiative, WSGC is dedicated to supporting and enhancing STEM (Science, ...

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