NASA/Maryland Space Grant Consortium

Written by Paul Wynns

The NASA/Maryland Space Grant Consortium represents a partnership between NASA and various educational institutions, science centers, and museums within Maryland to enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, research, and public outreach. It's part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, established by Congress in 1989. The consortium aims to inspire and prepare a diverse group of students and educators to pursue careers in STEM fields, especially those related to space and aerospace.

Central to the Maryland Space Grant Consortium's mission is its commitment to providing scholarships, fellowships, and internship opportunities to students pursuing higher education in STEM disciplines. These financial supports are designed to reduce barriers to education and research experiences, fostering the next generation of STEM professionals. Scholarships and internships are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels, often providing students not just with financial assistance but also with valuable hands-on experiences in laboratories, NASA centers, and other aerospace-related entities.

The consortium also supports educational outreach activities, designed to increase public awareness and understanding of space science and to inspire younger students to consider careers in STEM. By creating pathways for students and educators alike to engage with cutting-edge research and development, the Maryland Space Grant Consortium plays a vital role in developing a skilled workforce equipped to meet the challenges of the future in aerospace, space exploration, and related scientific fields. Through its comprehensive approach to STEM education and advocacy, the consortium upholds the broader goals of the National Space Grant program in fostering innovation and education in science and technology across the United States.


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One of MDSGC’s goals is to support students who are attending or planning to attend an affiliate institution, who need financial support, and who wish to pursue studies in math, science, engineering, or technology, that are related to...