National Air Transportation Foundation

Written by Paul Wynns

The National Air Transportation Foundation (NATF) is the educational arm of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), which has been representing the interests of the general aviation business community since its formation in 1940. The NATA is known for its dedication to promoting safety standards, professional growth, and knowledge sharing within the aviation industry. The NATF, established by the NATA, furthers these goals through educational initiatives and scholarship opportunities designed to support individuals pursuing careers in aviation.

The NATF offers several scholarships annually, targeting various sectors of the aviation industry. These scholarships are aimed at students and professionals at different stages of their careers, from those just beginning their journey in aviation to those looking to advance their skills and knowledge. The categories for these scholarships can include, but are not limited to, aircraft maintenance technicians, future leaders of the aviation industry, safety and training professionals, and undergraduates pursuing degrees in aviation-related fields. By providing financial assistance, the NATF helps alleviate some of the barriers to obtaining the necessary education and training required to succeed in the aviation industry.

The scholarship program administered by the NATF not only supports the educational development of its recipients but also reinforces the NATA's commitment to fostering a strong and vibrant aviation community. By investing in the next generation of aviation professionals, the NATF contributes to ensuring that the industry continues to innovate and grow, maintaining high standards of safety and professionalism. Through these scholarships, the Foundation plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent and enabling individuals to achieve their career aspirations within the vast and dynamic field of aviation.


Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Grade Level
High School Seniors & College Students

This scholarship is named after Richard L. Taylor, Professor Emeritus, who for 22 years was the director of flight operations and education at The Ohio State University. Professor Taylor is the award-winning author of 14 books on aviation,...

Pioneers of Flight Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Grade Level
College Sophomores & Juniors

The National Air Transportation Foundation (NATF) established the Pioneers of Flight Scholarship Program in 1989 to offer financial assistance and encouragement to young people in the pursuit of academic excellence. By making scholarships...