National Aviation Exploring Committee

Written by Charlie Copeland

The National Aviation Exploring Committee operates within the framework of Exploring, a career exploration program under the Boy Scouts of America's Learning for Life initiative. This committee is specifically focused on introducing young people to careers in the aviation industry. Aviation Exploring is designed to provide youth aged 14-20 with hands-on experiences and exposure to various career opportunities within aviation, including piloting, aerospace engineering, air traffic control, and aircraft maintenance among others. The program's goal is to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and experiences needed to pursue careers in this dynamic field.

In support of its mission to foster interest and facilitate career development in aviation, the National Aviation Exploring Committee awards scholarships to deserving students who are actively involved in Aviation Explorers. These scholarships are intended to help cover the costs associated with advancing their education and training in aviation-related fields. Recipients might use these funds for flight school, college tuition for aviation or aerospace degree programs, or for certifications and training that will propel them into aviation careers. Through this scholarship program, the National Aviation Exploring Committee not only aids in reducing the financial burden on young aviation enthusiasts but also contributes to preparing a skilled workforce to meet the future demands of the aviation industry, thereby ensuring its continued growth and innovation.


Aviation Exploring Scholarship

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High School & College Students

he National Aviation Exploring Committee awards scholarships annually ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 to encourage Aviation Explorers to enter and complete an aviation curriculum. National Aviation Committee Members know that aviation offers a...