Vertical Flight Society Arizona Chapter

Written by Charlie Copeland

The Vertical Flight Society, formerly known as the American Helicopter Society, is a leading global organization dedicated to advancing vertical flight technology and engineering. 

VFS operates through a network of chapters located around the world, including in the United States. These chapters play a crucial role in the organization’s mission by hosting local events, seminars, and meetings that foster community engagement, collaboration, and professional development among those interested in vertical lift and rotorcraft technologies. Chapters are vital for connecting professionals, students, and enthusiasts at a regional level, promoting the exchange of ideas and advancements in vertical flight.

If an Arizona Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society exists or is established, its activities would likely align with the broader objectives of VFS. This could include hosting educational events and networking opportunities focused on vertical lift technology, involving local aerospace professionals, businesses, academia, and government entities. The chapter would aim to deepen the understanding and enthusiasm for vertical flight technologies within the Arizona region, particularly given the state's significant aerospace industry presence and research institutions.

Members of an Arizona Chapter, like those in other VFS chapters, would benefit from access to the latest research, developments, and innovations in vertical flight, opportunities for professional growth, and the ability to contribute to the advancement of vertical lift.


Vertical Flight Society – Arizona Chapter Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
$1,500 - $3,000
Grade Level
College Upperclassmen & Graduate Students