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Navy SkillBridge

SkillBridge Navy Specific Information

  • This article was last updated 09/11/2023
  • This article incorporates information from the most recent known SkillBridge Navy NAVADMIN: NAVADMIN 064/23
  • The most recent known SkillBridge Navy NAVADMIN was released on: 03/03/2023

Other sources include:

  • DoD SkillBridge Navy Specific FAQ Last modified: 05/22/2023
  • DoD Skillbridge Command/Sailor Reqs Last modified: 11/30/2022

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The Navy SkillBridge program, coupled with the Flex Air SkillBridge Commercial Pilot Gateway or the SkillBridge Aviation Maintenance programs presents transitioning Navy personnel with essential civilian employment skills and training in Aviation careers.

While DoD SkillBridge is open to all service members, the Navy has its own special eligibility requirements and application process. This article has Navy SkillBridge specific information for Navy service members that wish to participate in SkillBridge. With the release of the March, 3, 2023 recent NAVADMIN 064/23, some changes have been implemented regarding registration procedures and policies.


How to Apply for Navy SkillBridge?

  • Familiarize yourself with DoDI 1322.29 and NAVADMINs 160/22 and 064/23 to ensure you meet the DoD and Navy eligibility requirements for participation.
  • Sailors must have a current Individual Transition Plan (ITP) in eBenefits before applying for SkillBridge.
  • Apply to the Flex Air SkillBridge Commercial Pilot Program or the Flex Air SkillBridge Aviation Maintenance Program or, visit the DoD SkillBridge website for a complete list of authorized SkillBridge partners.
  • Once you have found a program, and they have agreed to take you on, you must apply via MyNavyEducation .
  • You must obtain a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Flex Air or your SkillBridge provider and upload it to their application portal.
  • Apply to Navy SkillBridge up to 365 days before expected date of separation.
  • Sailors must complete their SkillBridge application at least 30 days prior to their desired start date of the program.
  • Here is a PDF with detailed instructions on how to use the portal to apply to Navy SkillBridge.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the OPNAV SkillBridge coordinator and then sent to your command approver.
  • The command approver must be an officer, O-4 or above, with NJP authority over you. Per DoDI 1322.29, this authority may NOT be delegated.
  • This is a high level summary use the SkillBridge Navy Package Checklist below to make sure you have all the necessary documents and have completed all Navy requirements.

After Acceptance in Navy SkillBridge

  • Sailors must submit a copy of their approved permissive TDY orders to the OPNAV SkillBridge registrar before starting their program.
  • Sailors must complete a post-program survey within 30 days of completing their program.


Navy SkillBridge Policy and Procedure Changes Effective Immediately

1. Navy SkillBridge: What's New?

Immediate Policy Changes:

The March 3, 2023 NAVADMIN 064/23 introduces immediate changes in policy and procedures for Navy SkillBridge. Sailors with prior command approval are grandfathered and can continue with their current SkillBridge plans. However, those without command approval need to reapply based on the new guidelines. 

Registration Update:

SkillBridge registration procedures have been revised. Sailors must now register and apply for SkillBridge through the new application portal on MyNavy Education. Email registrations are no longer accepted.

Here is a PDF with detailed instructions on how to apply to Navy SkillBridge.

Participation Duration Based on Paygrade:

SkillBridge program participation is now determined by pay grade:

  • Tier one (E5 and below) - Up to 180 days.
  • Tier two (E6-E9) - Up to 120 days.
  • Tier three (O4 and below) - Up to 120 days.
  • Tier four (O5 and above) - Up to 90 days.

2. Special Considerations & Limitations

Various special conditions and limitations have been placed on the Navy SkillBridge program:

  • Tier four personnel won't receive approval if their participation results in a gapped billet. These applicants also require an endorsement from the Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (OPNAV N13).
  • Sailors who have used of service-funded education, such as tuition assistance or post-graduate studies, must complete all obligated service for that education before starting SkillBridge.
  • Commanding officers (CO) must ensure that SkillBridge participation doesn't affect mission readiness. For instance, they should evaluate the implications of allowing SkillBridge participation for sailors receiving special skill or billet-based payments. COs have full authority to deny or modify SkillBridge requests for mission readiness reasons.
  • Sailors who forgo an overseas housing allowance or overseas military housing to join SkillBridge in the US won't receive a housing allowance. This is a recognized gap that OPNAV is actively working with the Department of Defense in order to develop a solution.
  • Officers need to fulfill their minimum service requirement for commissioning before joining SkillBridge.
  • Officers under a retention bonus can't begin SkillBridge until their bonus-related service obligation is fulfilled.
  • Sailors who have received a Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI) or Special Separation Benefit (SSB) are not eligible for SkillBridge

3. SkillBridge Navy Questions and Concerns

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SkillBridge Navy Package Checklist

This is the Flex Air produced Navy SkillBridge Package Checklist.

It is NOT the official Navy SkillBridge version of the DoD SkillBridge Package Checklist.

But we think it is better!

The official Navy SkillBridge Package Checklist was last-modified: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 21:03:47 GMT

It does not include new information in March, 3, 2023 recent NAVADMIN 064/23. For example the official checklist still instructs you to send email for approval which is explicitly wrong today.

This is the Flex Air UNOFFICIAL version that has been updated to reflect changes made to the requirements subsequent to it's release, we have also linked the relevant instructions and documents you will need. Every effort has been made to make it accurate and link to the current version of all forms. Flex Air is confident that this is better that the official release, but it is not the official version. We can not provide a guaranty that this is error free.

Sailor Requirements:

  • Register and apply for SkillBridge through the application portal on MyNavy Education up to 365 days before expected date of separation. Here is a PDF with detailed instructions on how to apply.
  • SkillBridge participation need not align with the Sailors military skill set
  • While in Skillbridge status, it is the responsibility of the Sailor to make weekly contact with Parent Command for personnel accountability
  • Failure to maintain weekly contact with Parent Command may result in program termination and return to the permanent duty station (PDS) at member’s expense
  • Read NAVADMIN in-full and bring questions/concerns to CCC Office DoD
  • NAVPERS 1336/3 Special Request Chit (requesting 120-not to exceed 180 days from EAOS pending operational/mission readiness)
  • Completed at least 180+ days on AD
  • Honorable Discharge including General Under Honorable Conditions
  • Have sufficient time left on contract to complete internship prior to separation (No extensions authorized past EAOS)
  • Passed most recent PFA (PRIMS summary)
    Instructions for logging into LOGGING INTO PRIMS-2
  • Recommended for promotion and retention on most recent evaluation (Copy of last eval)
  • TAP Class/CAPSTONE Requirements Completed
    • The current TAP program requires all transitioning Service members to complete:
    • Initial Counseling
    • Pre-Separation Counseling
    • Required TAP training requirements:
      • DoD Transition Day
      • VA Benefits & Services Brief
      • DOL Employment Fundamentals & Required Track
    • applicable Career Readiness Standards (CRS)
    • completion of a CAPSTONE event.

      Bottom line: Your DD 2648 should be complete prior to training commencement, unless you will be returning to work with greater than 90 days prior to separation to complete these requirements.
  • Complete Ethics training (within 12 months of Skillbridge start date)
    See the SkillBridge Ethics Brief
  • DoD approved on SkillBridge Website and/or MyNavy HR -or- E-Learning DON Initial and Annual Ethics Training (current version)
  • Have not previously completed, be currently participating in, or had participation terminated from an employment skills training program
  • Verify special pay requirements (SDIP/SDAP/AIP/etc)
  • FLTMPS Admin Data Summary
  • Copy of MOU between registered Company and SkillBridge Authority
    Flex Air will provide this after you have applied to our SkillBridge program.
  • Letter of Approval, with dates, into requested internship program
    Flex Air will provide this after you have applied to our SkillBridge program.
  • Sailor’s personal statement
  • Terminal/Separation Leave and/or PTDY starts after last day of Skillbridge participation
  • Days Calculator – calculate Skillbridge and terminal leave dates separately to account until EAOS

Command Requirements:

  • COs may only approve SkillBridge requests from Sailors possessing acknowledgement of registration from the OPNAV SkillBridge Registrar
  • Commands should establish a formal process to assess the impact of SkillBridge participation on mission readiness
  • SkillBridge is not an entitlement - COs and OICs with non judicial punishment authority maintain final approval authority
  • COs have full authority to disapprove or modify participation based on mission requirements
  • COs should carefully consider command readiness when granting permission to participate in the program in light of the fact that personnel backfills are not normally available until the actual separation/retirement date of the participant
  • COs shall evaluate each request to participate in SkillBridge on the merits as they impact the individual Sailor and mission readiness
  • Commands shall not implement any additional restrictions on participation based on such criteria as rank/grade, education, skills, length of service, etc
  • Commands will place all Skillbridge participants on permissive TDY travel orders for the duration of their program until commencement of separation, terminal leave, and permissive TDY, if authorized. This applies to programs both outside and within the area of the Sailor’s PDS
  • Register Sailor in FLTMPS with CIN from para. 9 in NAVADMIN on or after the program start date
  • Skillbridge is considered official duty, authorized to be completed during normal working days and hours. Commands will place Sailors in a duty-free status while participating in Skillbridge
  • Skillbridge is a no-cost TAD authorization and use of travel funds to participate in Skillbridge is not authorized
  • Shipment of household goods is only permitted upon receipt of separation orders
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