Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Written by Paul Wynns

The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, located on historic Ford Island in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a premier institution dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of Pacific aviation during World War II and beyond. Situated at the very heart of where the attack on Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941, the museum not only serves as a poignant memorial to the events and sacrifices of that day but also as an educational center that aims to educate future generations about the role of aviation in American history. The museum is housed in two hangars that survived the attack, offering visitors a deeply immersive experience through expertly curated exhibits, a vast collection of vintage aircraft, and interactive displays.

While the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is primarily focused on historical preservation and education, its broader mission encompasses fostering interest and knowledge in aviation among the youth. Through educational programs and partnerships, the museum seeks to inspire a new generation of aviation enthusiasts, historians, and professionals. Though it does not offer aviation scholarships directly, its educational outreach and resources indirectly support individuals pursuing careers in aviation. By engaging with the museum, students and young adults gain access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration which can fuel their academic and career aspirations in the field of aviation and aerospace. The museum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of those who served in the Pacific theater, while also looking forward to the future of aviation innovation and exploration.


Frank Der Yuen Aviation Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Grade Level
High School Seniors, College & Graduate Students

Frank Der Yuen was an internationally respected aeronautical engineer, airline executive, and consultant. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, he designed the all-weather, self-propelled passenger loading bridges for airliners that are used in every...