The Kansas Board of Regents

Written by Charlie Copeland

The Kansas Board of Regents is a governing body that oversees higher education in the state of Kansas. Established to provide leadership and coordination for the state's public higher education institutions, the Board plays a crucial role in advocating for and facilitating access to quality post-secondary educational opportunities. The Kansas Board of Regents manages various scholarship and grant programs designed to support Kansas residents in achieving their educational goals, including those in specialized fields such as aviation.

Among the initiatives supported by the Kansas Board of Regents are scholarships geared towards students pursuing careers in aviation. These scholarships target individuals showing significant promise and interest in the aviation industry, aiming to support the development of skilled professionals within the state. Through such scholarships, the Kansas Board of Regents promotes education in aviation as a vital and growing field, reflecting Kansas's historical and economic ties to the aviation industry. Programs may cover aspects of flight training, aeronautical engineering, aviation management, and other related fields, providing financial assistance to offset the costs associated with obtaining necessary education and certifications. With a commitment to fostering talent and expanding access to quality education, the Kansas Board of Regents plays an essential role in sustaining Kansas's legacy as a leader in the aviation sector.


Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

Multiple awards worth
Grade Level
College Students

The purpose of this grant program is to encourage individuals to further their education and provide the benefit of their employment to the State of Kansas to assist in the development of a strong state workforce in high demand, critical...