Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

Written by Charlie Copeland

The purpose of this grant program is to encourage individuals to further their education and provide the benefit of their employment to the State of Kansas to assist in the development of a strong state workforce in high    demand, critical industry employment fields. Grants are awarded to students who are Kansas residents and:

  1. graduated from a Kansas high school accredited by the Kansas State Board of Education; or
  2. obtained a Kansas State High School Diploma issued upon successful completion of the GED® Test; or
  3. graduated from a Kansas home school program or a Kansas non-accredited private secondary school as defined and authorized pursuant to K.S.A. 72-53, 100 et.seq; and
  4. are enrolled in or accepted for admission to an eligible career technical education program*. 

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The Kansas Board of Regents is a governing body that oversees higher education in the state of Kansas. Established to provide leadership and coordination for the state's public higher education institutions, the Board plays a crucial role in advocating for and facilitating access to quality post-secondary educational opportunities. The Kansas Board of Regents manages various scholarship and grant ...

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