The Lyons Aviation Foundation

Written by Paul Wynns

The Lyons Aviation Foundation is a dedicated organization focused on supporting the future of aviation through educational scholarships and funding opportunities for aspiring pilots. The Foundation's commitment to aviation education stems from a recognition of the crucial need for new pilots in the industry, aiming to address this demand by helping to alleviate the financial burdens that often accompany pilot training and education.

The Foundation offers scholarships to individuals who are passionate about pursuing careers in aviation, specifically in piloting. These scholarships are designed to assist students with the costs associated with flight training, including but not limited to private pilot certification, instrument rating, and other critical milestones in a pilot's education. By providing this financial support, The Lyons Aviation Foundation plays a vital role in enabling promising students to achieve their aviation dreams without being hindered by financial constraints.

In addition to granting scholarships, The Lyons Aviation Foundation often engages in various activities aimed at promoting aviation education and awareness. This can include outreach efforts in schools and communities to inspire the next generation about the possibilities and careers in aviation. The Foundation also recognizes the importance of fostering a community among its scholars, encouraging networking and the sharing of experiences to further enrich their educational journey.

The impact of The Lyons Aviation Foundation extends beyond individual scholarship recipients, contributing to the broader goal of ensuring a steady influx of well-trained and enthusiastic pilots ready to take on the challenges of the modern aviation industry. Through its scholarship programs and advocacy for aviation education, the Foundation underscores the importance of investing in the future of aviation, one student at a time.


Lyons Aviation Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Grade Level
HS Upperclassmen, College & Graduate Students
$1500 awards yearly aviation scholarship to financially support a deserving young personpursuing their Private Pilot Certificate.
  • You must be between the ages of 16-24 on April 25th of the scholarship year you are applying for
  • Youmust not...