Arizona Airports Association

Written by Paul Wynns

The Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting airports and aviation interests within the state of Arizona. Founded with the aim of fostering collaboration among airport professionals, industry stakeholders, and regulatory bodies, AzAA plays a crucial role in advocating for the development, operation, and safety of Arizona's airports. The association serves as a unified voice for airport management and aviation professionals across the state, addressing issues that affect both commercial and general aviation sectors.

AzAA's activities encompass a broad range of initiatives designed to facilitate professional development, information exchange, and advocacy. By organizing conferences, workshops, and training sessions, the association provides valuable opportunities for its members to gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and regulations impacting the aviation industry. These events not only offer professional enrichment but also facilitate networking, allowing members to share experiences, challenges, and best practices in airport management and operations.

A key aspect of AzAA's mission is to advocate for policies and legislation that support the sustainable growth and development of aviation in Arizona. The association collaborates with local, state, and federal government entities to ensure that the interests of Arizona's airports and the broader aviation community are represented and taken into consideration during policy formulation. This advocacy work is vital for securing funding, enhancing airport infrastructure, and ensuring that Arizona remains a leading state in aviation.

Furthermore, AzAA is committed to advancing aviation education and workforce development. The association actively supports programs and initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals, underscoring the importance of aviation to Arizona's economy and mobility.

Overall, the Arizona Airports Association stands as a pivotal organization within the state's aviation landscape, driving progress, safety, and collaboration among airports, industry partners, and government agencies. Through its comprehensive approach to advocacy, education, and networking, AzAA ensures that Arizona's airports continue to thrive and serve as essential gateways for commerce, travel, and economic development.


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One or multiple Marty Rosness Student Scholarship(s) may be awarded annually by the Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) for an amount totaling $2,500 or less (not to exceed $1,250 per recipient). Please note the following provisions:•...