The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation

Written by Paul Wynns

The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation was established to honor the memory and continue the legacy of LeRoy Homer, a dedicated pilot and one of the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked as part of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. LeRoy Homer managed to fight against the hijackers, contributing significantly to preventing the aircraft from reaching its intended target, believed to be either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. His bravery, alongside that of the other passengers and crew, is remembered as a pivotal moment of courage and sacrifice. The organization founded in his name aims to inspire and support young individuals who aspire to pursue careers in aviation, reflecting LeRoy's own passion for flying.

The foundation focuses on providing scholarships to young men and women who dream of becoming professional pilots but may not have the financial means to achieve this goal. By offering financial assistance, the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation helps these aspiring aviators to pursue their education and training in aviation fields. The scholarships cover various aspects of flight training and education, potentially including private pilot certification, advanced ratings and certifications, and aviation-related collegiate studies. The aim is not only to alleviate the financial burden associated with expensive flight training but also to nurture a diverse and inclusive generation of new pilots, inspired by LeRoy Homer Jr.'s legacy of bravery, dedication, and love for aviation.


The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation Flight Training Scholarship

Multiple awards worth
Full Ride
Grade Level
HS Upperclassmen, College & Graduate Students

The Scholarship Application window opens every October 31st and closes the following January 31st. Awards are made each May. Information on the requirements and limitations can be found below.


  1. Only U.S. citizens or permanent...