Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Written by Paul Wynns

AASF Memorial Scholarships The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation provides scholarships to individuals who want to develop their aviation careers. There are three scholarships available each year for up to $2,000 each:

  1. The Tom Wardleigh Memorial Scholarship
  2. The Virginia Hyatt Memorial Scholarship
  3. The Ellen Paneok Memorial Scholarship

These annual AASF Scholarships are established with funds received from families.

The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation (AAFS) Memorial Scholarship is available to students who are enrolled in an aviation-related program. The scholarship is open to two-year colleges and trade/technical schools. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must participate in an aviation-related program with a qualified instructor or at an accredited college or university. The AAFS is a non-profit membership organization that aims to improve aviation safety in Alaska through education, research, and advocacy.


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The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation (AASF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving aviation safety in Alaska. Given Alaska's unique and often challenging flying conditions, including remote and rugged terrain, variable weather conditions, and limited infrastructure, aviation plays a crucial role in transportation and connectivity across the state. Recognizing the inherent risks ...

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College Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors