Full-Time Employee Student Scholarship

Written by Charlie Copeland

The ATCA Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to outstanding aviation students and children of air traffic controllers. ATCA's wonderful candidates, exceptional winners, and generous scholarship partners and donors are the ones who make it happen. With the continued support of the aviation community for this industry-sustaining program, we hope to award at least as much in the future. But we need your support to do it.

Full-time employees enrolled in advanced study programs to improve their skills in air traffic control or an aviation discipline.

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The Air Traffic Control Association, Inc. (ATCA) is a professional organization that plays a pivotal role in the field of air traffic control and the broader air traffic management (ATM) sector. Founded in 1956, ATCA's mission is to advance the safety, security, efficiency, and technology of airspace systems worldwide through education, advocacy, and networking. Headquartered in Alexandria, ...

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