Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship

Written by Paul Wynns
The Frasca family established this scholarship through the University Aviation Association (UAA) in the name of their son, Joseph Frasca. Joseph excelled as an undergraduate aviation student earning a reputation as a dedicated and competent scholar. His tireless efforts to promote and support aviation resulted in significant worldwide contributions to the industry and his abilities as an aerobatic pilot and ambassador of aviation provided many hours of enjoyment to thousands of people. He was indefatigable in reaching the highest standards of performance and achievement in every challenge he faced.

Aim of Scholarship: The Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship was established through the University Aviation Association to encourage others to reach the highest level of achievement in their aviation studies and awards $2,000. It is bestowed upon those who demonstrate a commitment and devotion to aviation in the tradition of Joseph Frasca.

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