The Fred Cormier Memorial Scholarship

Written by Paul Wynns
For Aviation Maintenance Technology- Established in 2023. Frederic "Freddy" Cormier earned his A&P license from East Coast Aero Tech in 1982. He went on to work as an aviation technician for TWA and later worked on planes for UPS for over 20 years. He was happy to share that knowledge with the many lifelong friendships made in the world of aviation across the country, from pilots to mechanics to ramp personnel to management. This scholarship, set up by his wife to honor his memory, will hopefully help the next generation to find their passion in aviation.

The Aero Club of New England (ACONE) stands as one of the oldest aeronautics organizations in the United States, devoted to the advancement and celebration of aviation since its inception in 1902. Based in New England, ACONE serves as a beacon for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, industry professionals, and anyone with a sincere interest in the field of aviation. The club's mission encompasses ...

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Eligibility information

College Students
Grade Level College Students,Citizenship,US Citizens, Permanent Residents,Academic Interest Aviation/Aerospace,Other Category,Low Income,State,Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont,Miscellaneous,Applicants must (1) be at least 16 years old, (2) hold a current Airman Certificate, (3) hold a current Medical Certificate, and (4) have accumulated at least 100 hours of total flight time.