Interstellar Research Group Doctoral Graduate College Scholarship Program

Written by Charlie Copeland

The scholarships (including the Tim Bolgeo Memorial Scholarship) are sponsored by IRG supporters Baen Books and Rob and Ruann Hampson are merit-based, and require applicants to complete an essay with their application forms.

Applicants for the undergraduate scholarships must be high school seniors or present undergraduates in the United States and its territories who plan to pursue their first undergraduate degree in any related field related to interstellar travel missions and establishing successful civilizations at any accredited, four-year American college or university. Applicants for the graduate scholarship must be full-time college or university students majoring in field related to interstellar travel missions and seeking a graduate degree (e.g. MS, EngD, JD, non-exclusive) from an accredited college or university in the United States.

The Interstellar Research Group “was created to foster and assist the study, research and experimentation necessary to make human interstellar travel a reality, with untold benefits to life on Earth,” said IRG President Emeritus John Preston. “We can imagine no better way to demonstrate that goal than the creation of these scholarships, helping new generations of thinkers, builders and explorers to set their sights on the stars.”

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The Interstellar Research Group (IRG), previously known as the 100 Year Starship, is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of capabilities for human travel beyond our solar system to the nearest stars within the next century. The initiative underscores an ambitious goal of achieving interstellar flight by the year 2100. Founded with the support of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects ...

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