Lt Col William E. Hanna, Jr. Memorial Flight Scholarship

Written by Paul Wynns

 Lt Col Hanna’s family and CAP offer this flight scholarship to help cadets attain their Private Pilot's Certificate.  This scholarship provides up to $5,000 which can be used for local flight training at a FBO (FAA part 61 or 141) or training on CAP aircraft with a CAP flight instructor.

  • Must be a current cadet that has completed a CAP Powered Solo Flight Academy at the Wing, Region, or National-level and earned the solo rating
  • Must review the background information on this flight scholarship. Click this link.
  • Submit an essay, no longer than one page, explaining why you should be selected for this scholarship and your knowledge of the life of Lt. Col. Hanna. It should include long-term goals with regard to aviation and service.

The Lt Col William E. Hanna Jr. Memorial Flight Scholarship honors the legacy of Lt Col William E. Hanna Jr., whose career spanned military service in World War II as a navigator on a US Army Air Force OA-10A "Cat", to impactful roles in civil service, including contributions to the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Social Security Administration. Hanna was instrumental in the Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application (NERVA) program and introduced computer technology to the SSA. After his military career, he continued his service by engaging in political roles, serving as the Mayor of Rockville, Maryland, and as a Montgomery County Councilman, where he was known for his integrity, innovation, and commitment to arts, affordable housing, and the life sciences sector.

Hanna's dedication extended into community service through the Civil Air Patrol and his elected positions, where he worked tirelessly for the betterment of his community and the country. His contributions to life sciences and affordable housing have left a lasting impact. The flight scholarship named in his honor aims to support cadets in the Civil Air Patrol who have demonstrated a commitment to continuing their education and career in aeronautical fields, reflecting Hanna's values of service, excellence, and innovation.

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The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF). It was created on December 1, 1941, just days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, marking America's entry into World War II. Initially, its missions were focused on homeland security and wartime efforts, such as conducting coastal patrols to spot enemy submarines. Over the decades, the CAP has ...
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