WSGC Higher Education Incentives

Written by Paul Wynns

The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium invites proposals for value-added, higher education teaching/training projects related to any space or aerospace discipline. This is a seed-grant program for faculty implemented undergraduate education projects which support the most innovative ideas on how to increase the space and aerospace content of undergraduate university and college offerings.

Multi-institutional Awards: up to $15,000
Major Awards: up to $10,000
Minor Awards: up to $5,000


  • WSGC affiliate member universities or colleges are eligible. Industry, nonprofit associations, and nonmembers can propose programs and work jointly with one of our academic members, providing the educational activity occurs at a member campus (e.g., visiting lectureship, an extension course, nonprofit group offering).
  • Students funded through this grant must be U.S. Citizens.
  • Affiliate member institutions must have affiliate award agreement documents on file with the WSGC Program Office.
  • Higher Education Incentives must align with at least one of NASA Mission Directorates.
  • The Consortium especially encourages applications from women, underrepresented communities and persons with disabilities.
  • Minimum 1:1 match

Multiple awards worth

$5,000 - $15,000

Application deadline


The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) represents a state-based component of the national effort to maintain America's leadership in technology and innovation through the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, established by Congress in 1989. As one of the 52 consortia participating in this nationwide initiative, WSGC is dedicated to supporting and enhancing STEM (Science, ...

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Eligibility information

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