Aviation Management Scholarship

Written by Charlie Copeland

AAAE Scholarship for Accredited Airport Executives is sponsored by the American Association of Airport Executives Foundation (AAAE)

Amount(s) Awarded: $900 - $2,000

Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Students are eligible to apply if they, their spouse, or one of their parents is an active A.A.E. Spouses and children of, as well as A.A.E.’s who are retired on disability pensions are also eligible, as are spouses and children of deceased A.A.E.’s who were in good standing at the time of disability or death.
  2. Must be enrolled or plan on enrolling full or part-time in a U.S. accredited college or university in a program of undergraduate or graduate study;
  3. Selection based on academic records, participation in school and community activities, work experience, a personal statement, and a recommendation from a school staff member.
  4. Financial need is considered only in determining the size of the award once recipients are chosen.
Special Notes:

Multiple applications are accepted from the same family. A separate application is required for each student. The original award amount is predicated on the school on the original application. Subsequent changes in school may result in a reduced award amount. Award balances greater than $500 remaining in a students account after the tuition is paid should be returned to the AAAE Foundation. Award balances that are $500 or less may remain in the student’s account and used for educational expenses excluding room and board. The awards are not automatically renewable.

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is a premier professional organization for individuals who work in the management of airports and aviation services. Founded in 1928, AAAE is the world's largest association of airport executives, representing thousands of airport management personnel at public-use commercial and general aviation airports. The association's headquarters is ...

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Eligibility information

College Upperclassmen & Graduate Students