EAA Flight Training Scholarships

Written by Paul Wynns

Available Scholarships Include

  • Air Academy Alumni Scholarship

    Supports initial flight training towards reaching solo flight or private pilot certificate

    Recipient must have attended EAA’s Air Academy and has not yet received their private pilot certificate

  • John S. Bradbury Memorial Scholarship

    Supports flight training for a young person as part of the Young Eagles program interested in the pursuit of flight

  • Friends of Pete Bunce Flight Training Scholarship

    Supports candidates seeking to complete a private pilot certificate or additional rating. Preference given to current and prior Wisconsin residents and those with financial need

  • Adapt to Fly Scholarship

    Created to help those with disabilities explore the world of aviation

    Awarded to a person with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and that meets the qualifications for a Class 3 Medical or Sport Pilot Certificate, which include, but are not limited to, being at least 17 years of age, a U.S. citizen with a valid driver’s license, and able to operate the controls of a training aircraft

  • Cliff Chetwin Fund

    This fund will be used to support young people in becoming pilots, with preference given to female pilots and flight instructors, and to Young Eagles

  • Tex Edwards Scholarship

    Supports flight training for youth or adults

  • Joey Ermel "Do Your Impeccable Best" Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship

    Supports an individual to receive their tailwheel endorsement. Preference given to prior or current Young Eagles or Young Eagle Pilot, applicants who actively volunteer with an EAA chapter, and has 50+ total flight hours

  • Noah Favaregh Flight Training Scholarship

    Supports a student who has already soloed but needs financial assistance to complete their training

  • Harrison Ford Scholarship

    Supports a Young Eagle in their dreams of flight or another career in aviation, preference given to those with financial need. Can support EAA Air Academy tuition, flight training support, or any aviation-related degree or technical program

  • Florence Gregory Coffy Endowment Fund

    Helps fund deserving young women to begin or continue flight training

  • Stephen (Ben) Haas Fund

    Supports a student in obtaining aa private pilot certificate, preference given to Young Eagles

  • Richard R. Harper Memorial Scholarship

    Two scholarships available, one to a Young Eagle and one for an Eagle Flight scholarship, with demonstrated financial need and a GPA of 3.8 or greater

  • Jason Kurt Lohr Aviation Scholarship

    Supports fixed wing flight training for a high school graduate aged 18-23 years old, who has completed their first solo flight

  • Tinker Murdock Family Fund

    Supports flight training for a Young Eagle or Next Step applicant seeking to further aviation training by completing a private pilot certificate

    Internship also available for a college student pursuing a degree in the aviation field

  • PenFed Credit Union Scholarship

    Supports students who have a 3.0 or better GPA, as well as significant extracurricular activities, with a preference given to aviation activities. Additional preference will be provided to applicants that have a military background or are part of a military family.

  • WASP Endowment Fund

    Provides funding for flight training not associated with EAA’s Aviation Foundation, preference given to Young Eagles

    Also supports an internship for EAA’s Air Academy summer programs

  • Elgin Wells, Jr. Starjammer CFI Scholarship

    Supports flight training in pursuit of becoming CFI. Must pass FAA written exams for CFI training, and hold a valid pilot certificate or medical certificate prior to being granted the award


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Eligibility information

HS Upperclassmen, College & Graduate Students
Grade Level HS Upperclassmen, College & Graduate Students,Academic Interest Aviation/Aerospace